Ninth Street Missionary Baptist Church

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 4 December 2012.

Phone: 785-843-6472


The Ninth Street Missionary Baptist Church originated in 1855 when the New England Immigrant Aid Society assembled and organized the Second Missionary Baptist Mission in Lawrence, Kansas. This date makes the church only one year younger than the City of Lawrence. The congregation originally held its meetings on the second floor of the Green Brothers’ Hardware store. It then moved to its current location when the trustees of Lawrence Township deeded a lot to the Immigrant Aid Society in 1885. The first building on this site was named the Warren Street Baptist Church because of the original name of the street. It was not until April, 1945, that the city changed the east-west street names to numbers and Warren Street became Ninth Street. In 1865, there was a dispute within the church, and a split in the congregation resulted. It was then that Reverend Washington Mercer was called to reunite the church, which is what he did. Mercer served his congregation until 1885. Historic accomplishments of the church include being listed as one of the banner churches in the KAW Valley District, cooperating with state and national programs, and providing adopt-a-child programs, vacation Bible schools, the Queen Esther Club, State Sunday School, and Baptist Training Union Conventions. Today there are over 230 members under the leadership of Pastor Rene F. Brown.


The dominant ethnicity at the church is African American. A few other ethnic groups are represented as well. The age of participants ranges from small children to older adults. Average attendance is two hundred people a week.


The Ninth Street Baptist Church has a traditional look. The outside of the church is stone, and there is a large steeple. The basement and dining areas are downstairs, and the worship area is above street level. The sanctuary has two central aisles, wooden pews, and stained glass windows. The choir sits behind and above the pulpit, and to the right of the choir is space for an instrumental ensemble. On the other side of Ninth Street from the church, a modern building houses the Ninth Street Missionary Outreach Center, a community service ministry of the church.

Mission and Vision

Ninth Street Baptist Church is affiliated with the National Baptist Convention, USA. Inc. This Convention is one of the oldest African American organizations in the nation. The mission of the Ninth Street Baptist Church is “to convert people into Christ-like vessels of transformation through: discipleship, stewardship, fellowship, friendship, and worship!” The Ninth Street Baptist vision statement is “To be a healthy Congregation of called out, fully committed Christians, transforming the world for Christ.” The mission and the vision statements of the church are read aloud together before each service.

Center Activities

Activities include worship services, special events, group meetings, classes, and programs for children.