Zoroastrians Gather in Toronto to 'Unleash the Spark Within'

June 29, 2007

Author: Eric Shackleton

Source: The Canadian Press


Hundreds of Zoroastrians, followers of the prophet Zarathustra, are gathering this weekend to reflect on their faith, and its main tenets of "good thoughts, good words and good deeds."

The delegates, expected to number about 500 from around the world, are attending the 14th annual North American Zoroastrian Congress from today until Monday.

The religion, one of the oldest in existence, has greatly influenced Judaism, Christianity and other faiths with regard to the ultimate victory of good over evil and the resurrection of souls, experts say.

The convention is sponsored by the Zoroastrian Society of Ontario and Fezana, which is short for the Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America.

The theme of the get-together, "IMPACT Unleash the Spark Within," was chosen "because we felt that all of us have that spark of creativity, charity and community service," said Phee Vania, chair of the congress.