Zoning for Caledonia Buddhist Colony Backed by County Panel

August 15, 2005

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


On August 15, 2005 the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported, "Members of the Racine County Economic & Land Use Planning Committee approved a petition on Monday that would keep the plan to build a Buddhist temple in Caledonia alive... The petitions have stirred a controversy among residents who believe the town should be reserved for residential use and say a Buddhist temple would attract too much traffic... Roughly 75 residents from Caledonia filed into the Ives Grove Complex Auditorium to voice their concerns. Planners had eyed that area for a conservation subdivision of single-family homes, which residents say would have contributed to the town's tax base... Supporters of the Buddhist temple contend residents are uncomfortable with the proposed project because of personal prejudices. Buddhists are interested in constructing a temple, meditation building, fellowship hall, Buddha building and facility for nuns on 13 acres... About a dozen Buddhists attended the meeting to introduce themselves to their possible neighbors and explain their plan to the community. Throughout the evening, they passed out information on Lao culture and explained that they need more room."

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