ZEO Issues Cease and Desist to Buddhist Society in Newtown

May 7, 2008

Author: Audrey Grasso

Source: Voices


Zoning Enforcement Officer Gary Frenette on April 16 issued and hand-delivered a cease and desist order to the Buddhist Society of Connecticut on Boggs Hill Road requiring the society to cease and desist hosting festivals and services without a permit.

"If they have any more services or gatherings at the site, we will have to seek an injunction that will prevent the group from having any more services," Mr. Frenette said.

Mr. Frenette emphasized in his letter that "the monks may continue to reside there, as they have in the past."

The Buddhist Society of Connecticut purchased 10 acres of land on Boggs Hill Road in 1999 to hold religious services and gatherings. The property includes a house, in which some monks live.

The Planning and Zoning Commission issued a special zoning permit to allow the Buddhists to worship on the property which is in a residential zone.

The society drew up plans for a 7,600-square-foot temple with about 140 parking spaces.

Residents at the public hearing protested the style of the building in the residential area and noted that the height of the proposed building did not meet zoning requirements.

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