Zen Temple Celebrates the Buddha's Birthday in WI

April 11, 2004

Source: The Star Tribune


On April 11, 2004 The Star Tribune reported, " Great love. Great compassion. Only helping. Last Sunday morning, more than a dozen men and women chanted those six simple words, which represent their beliefs. Their voices joined together to celebrate Buddha's birthday at the Original Root Zen Center in Racine. Each member wore a maroon kasa over a gray robe. They bowed to the altar before resting on the surrounding cushions. Their chants resonated throughout the sun-drenched room, which had a gift-laden altar as its focal point. Under the leadership of Abbots Tony and Linda Somlai, the Zen Center celebrates two major events each year. The Buddhist Enlightenment Day is held in December. Buddha's birthday, which also is a time for members to celebrate their own true nature or their ability to help the world, is held in April."