Zen Buddhist Temple in Rendon TX

August 18, 2004

Source: Night Ridder News


On August 18, 2004 Night Ridder News reported that, "last Dec. 14, Zen Buddhist monks and nuns from around the world, plus hundreds of lay Buddhists from the United States, dedicated the majestic new temple of the Quang Chieu Zen Monastery [in Rendon, TX]. Every Sunday since, scores of lay people, most of them Vietnamese Americans, drive through the monastery gates, often in luxury cars and large SUVs. They are North Texas engineers, postal workers, homemakers, insurance agents and their children. They don gray robes to meditate, chant Buddhist sutras, study Zen teachings and eat potluck lunches afterward. The place is home to about a dozen nuns, humble and solicitous women who meditate almost four hours a day and forswear meat, television, radio and newspapers (though there is a cellphone handy for emergencies and a donated treadmill in the dining room). They say their intention, and that of their spiritual leader, Vietnamese Zen master Thich Thanh Tu, is to minister to Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, by teaching the practice of meditation, which millions of Americans in recent years have found to be a powerful palliative to the stress of Western life."