Zen and a Place for the Art of Meditation

June 21, 2008

Author: Valentino Lucio

Source: MySA/Express-News


Nearly a dozen people sit cross-legged with their hands clasped on black cushions. With tranquil faces, they're situated side-by-side staring at a white wall. The subtle scent of incense lingers in the sitting area. The room is quiet except for the faint sound of people breathing.

For an hour, members of the San Antonio Zen Center will be in a meditative state.

The ability to be in the moment through meditation is something members of the Zen Center have been practicing for years. Their personal experiences are reflected in their quiet demeanor and the still minds they shape.

“My experience here feels just like family,” said member Alan Loo, who works in customer service for a gas company. “It has helped to calm my life and make me able to adapt to the rest of the world. Because of my job, I need to always remain calm and keep my sanity. This helps me deal with change and chaos more effectively.”

Established in 2003, the San Antonio Zen Center has practiced in many locations, including a living room, a church and the Shambala Meditation Center. After outgrowing each place, members collected funds and sought a new place to sit. Located in a small, two-bedroom, beige house on the West Side, the Zen Center now has a place to call home.