Zambo Folk to Mark Ramadan with Fear, Rights Group Avers

September 8, 2007

Author: Staff Writer

Source: GMA News

No thanks to ongoing military operations there, the Muslim community will observe “with fear" the holy month of Ramadan starting Sept. 13.

The Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates (PAHRA) said this Friday as it lamented the holy Islam month there will be met with “anguish and pain."

“While historically it is looked forward with excitement and piety by the whole Islam world, today it shall be met with anguish and pain with its hounding blows of discrimination, terror-suspicion, virtual policy of degrading and inhuman treatment as a people of faith. In Zamboanga Peninsula, it shall be observed with fear in a situation of total military offensives and debilitating effects of evacuation," it said in a statement.

It called on all warring parties to let up war as the Holy period of supplication for our Muslim brothers and sisters is observed.

The group also called for the government and Moro Islamic Liberation Front to go back to the negotiating table and bear witness to the situation of people affected by war in designing plans for lasting peace.

Likewise, it called on religious groupings and churches to engage in truthful interfaith dialogue.