Yuba City Gurdwara Hosts Memorial Service for Pope, Invites Local Catholics

April 7, 2005

Source: Appeal-Democrat


On April 7, 2005 the Appeal-Democrat reported, "Yuba-Sutter's Sikh community provided further proof Wednesday that respect for the late Pope John Paul II extends far beyond the Catholic church. The Sri Guru Nanak Sikh Temple...held a memorial service for the pope and invited members of Yuba City's St. Isidore Catholic Church. A photo of John Paul stood below portraits of Sikhism's holiest men as temple members came forward, placed offerings on the altar and knelt. About 200 people attended, including a dozen or so St. Isidore members who shed their shoes, covered their heads and sat on the carpeted floor of the cavernous temple. Incense filled the air as musicians played East Indian hymns that temple board member Mohinder Singh Ghag said expressed how Sikhs, Catholics and members of other religions are all God's children."