Yuba City District to Teach Sikhism in Schools

May 5, 2004

Source: Sikh Net


On May 5, 2004 Sikh Net reported, "While many American Sikhs have faced a lot of harassment and misunderstanding since 9/11, the Yuba City Unified School District has taken an important step to address this issue. All students in this school district will be offered educational materials about Sikhs and their beliefs. First-graders will be given the opportunity to use a coloring book called, 'The Boy with Long Hair'(available at www.sikhfoundation.org). Middle school students will use the Usborne Book of World Religions that includes information about Sikhs and Sikhism, in their World Religion classes. This step is being taken by the Yuba City School District to promote cross cultural and religious understanding among school children. The Sikh community in Northern California is hopeful that these steps taken by the Yuba City Unified School District will set a positive example for school districts around the country."

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