"Your Muslim Neighbor" Theme for Tenth Annual Islam Awareness Week

November 21, 2004

Source: IslamOnline


On November 21, 2004 IslamOnline reported, "Muslims in major cities across the United Kingdom will launch Monday, November 22, the tenth Islam Awareness Week (IAW) with activities and seminars highlighting contributions to the society. Shakespeare's Globe Theatre will play host to the national event organized by the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) under the auspices of Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, IAW said in a statement, a copy of which was e-mailed to IslamOnline.net. 'From the launch of a major new exhibition of Muslim lives in Britain to neighborhood cleanup day involving members of the local community, people will be coming together to show how it is not only possible to have peaceful co-existence, but how all can and are contributing to each other's well being,' read the statement. This year's theme is 'Your Muslim Neighbour' and seeks to highlight the valuable contributions made by British Muslims to everyday life in Britain."