Young European Muslims Claim Space in European Society

December 1, 2003


On December 1, 2003 posted a story from Newsweek International on the debate over where Islam fits in European culture, focusing on the younger generation of European-born Muslims who are claiming their own space in European society: "The real challenge...lies not with those who have checked out of the system, but those who want in, on their own terms. That’s the role of a new crop of twenty- and thirtysomethings—call them Generation M—who are Europeans in almost every sense of the word. Unlike their forebears, they are mostly born in Europe and claim it as their own society. They do well in school and the workplace and, often, have effectively 'Christianized' their faith by making it a personal matter...Rather than struggling to 'fit in,' these Gen Mers want Europe to make space for them, and as their numbers grow, Europe needs them to succeed."