Young Christians Learn about Islamic Principles

January 29, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Indian Catholic

An Islamic institute is conducting a course to teach Protestant youths about Islam and pluralism.

Wahid Institute, initiated by former president Abdurrahman Wahid, is cooperating with the Crisis Center of the Christian Church of Indonesia (GKI, Indonesian acronym) in running the four-session course.

Thirty GKI youths including students, writers, broadcasters and social activists attended the first three-hour session on Islam and Believers of Other Religions, held on Jan. 18 at the institute's hall in Jakarta.

The Friday-evening sessions run through Feb. 8 and will end with a three-day live-in program in a pesantren, or Islamic boarding school, in Yogyakarta, 420 kilometers southeast of the capital.

Subsequent sessions are titled The Map and Movement of Contemporary Islam; Islam, Politics, and Formalization of Shari'a; and Islam and Its Believers' Problems. Shari'a is the Islamic legal code.