Yoga Practiced by Many in America

September 2, 2000

Source: The Houston Chronicle

On September 2, 2000, The Houston Chronicle reported on the increasing popularity of yoga in America. RK Panditi, president of Eagle Technical Systems in Plano, Texas, explains that in addition to providing health benefits, what "meditation and yoga aims at is the highest spiritual goal of total liberation and full enlightenment." For Panditi, the "practice of yoga helps break down a false distinction between mind and body...It helps him empty his mind of impurities, and leads to a sense of peace and harmony...'I think yoga teaches us to remove this false illusion and perceive our true divine nature.'" Some use the practice on a more physical level, yet Kari Rollins of the Wellness Center of Fort Worth explains that "even for those who practice yoga to improve their health and release stress, spiritual elements can surface. 'It can be used strictly on a physical level,' Rollins said. 'But that spiritual element creeps in...I think that feeling at peace with yourself would enhance your relationship with the divine, however you see that,'" she added."