Yale Multi-Faith Retreat Focuses on Interpreting Change

November 10, 2003

Source: Yale Daily News


On November 10, 2003 Yale Daily News reported on the third annual University-wide Multifaith Retreat, which was held at the New Haven Zen Center this Saturday. This year's retreat centered on the theme "Continuity and Change." The retreat's "chief goal was to discuss how different religious traditions interpret the nature of change. Participants discussed types of religious change they felt can, should and should not occur over time, and debated how change should be implemented... The retreat was organized by the Multifaith Council, an organization of students from many religious backgrounds whose goal is to foster awareness of the religious diversity on campus. The group also strives to promote understanding of other religions' cultures and traditions... Council member Sarah Heiman '05 said the council's discussions of diverse traditions are critical to the group's mission. 'In our discussion of diversity, we can reach a better understanding of what other traditions are,' she said."

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