Yale Chaplain Strives to Foster Religious Pluralism

November 21, 2003

Source: Yale Daily News


On November 21, 2003 the Yale Daily News published a profile of Rev. Frederick "Jerry" Streets DIV '75. "As University Chaplain, Streets is responsible for facilitating the religious life of the Yale community. Practically, he aims to combine efforts to increase dialogue between the myriad campus faiths while actively agitating for social progress. 'Yale has always been aware of and valued the spiritual and religious dimensions of the institution's life, but it hasn't always been clear on how to best meet them," Streets said. 'We want to foster religious pluralism on campus.' During his tenure as chaplain, Streets has tackled issues of bigotry and religious intolerance. One of his current pet projects is Jews and Muslims, or JAM, an interfaith discussion group. Streets is also campaigning for the creation of a 'Religious Life Center' to pool the resources available to campus religious groups and foster inter-group cooperation."