Worldwide Survey on Interfaith Education Launched

October 19, 2005

Source: Worldwide Faith News

On October 19, 2005 Worldwide Faith News reported, "Learning about, from and with peoples of other faiths is increasingly being recognized as a vital aspect of education in faith communities and education systems. A newly launched web-based survey on interfaith education aims to discover examples of good practice across the world. The World Council of Churches' Education and Ecumenical Formation program and Hartford Seminary, USA, have created the interactive survey on interfaith education to catalogue what is taking place in international communities. The survey is part of the larger Interfaith Education Project (IEP) sponsored by the two organizations. Taking seriously the diversity of religious faith and practice to build positive understanding and attitudes, the IEP is a contribution to reflection and action on education in the ecumenical movement. The project has two objectives - (1) to survey and analyze the global field of interfaith education; (2) to produce a resource based on the results of that survey which would assist educators in faith communities and education systems develop interfaith education appropriate to their context."

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