World Sikh Council to Coordinate "Katrina Aid Campaign"

September 1, 2005

Source: The World Sikh Council

On September 1, 2005 The World Sikh Council reported, "In response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina and the continued human tragedy unfolding in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, the World Sikh Council America Region (WSC-AR) is coordinating a national fundraising “Katrina Aid Campaign” to raise funds for providing relief and hope for those affected by this tragedy. We appeal to Sikh Gurdwaras, organizations, and individuals to contribute generously to this effort by sending their financial contributions in US dollars payable to “World Sikh Council America Region” while earmarking them for “Katrina Aid Campaign”... Pooling the financial contributions from across the country will allow the Sikh community to make a significant national impact on the relief efforts. Funds contributed to this campaign will be donated to the American Red Cross's Hurricane 2005 Relief effort and other agencies providing direct relief to those affected by this tragedy."