World Sabbath of Religious Reconciliation Interfaith Service in Detroit

February 12, 2003

Source: Detroit Jewish News

On February 12, 2003 the Detroit Jewish News reported that "among the more than 400 participants in last Saturday’s World Sabbath of Religious Reconciliation interfaith service were Jews and Arabs — in prayer together for world healing and peace... 'It was an amazing moment to see leaders of the Islamic and Jewish communities praying together for peace, tolerance and the safety to freely practice their faith in America and in the rest of the world,' said the Rev. Rodney Reinhart of St. Martha’s Episcopal Church in Detroit, who founded the World Sabbath in 2000... 'This is a time when rabbis and imams and people of the Jewish and Muslim faiths have many difficult bridges to cross [and] the World Sabbath provided that bridge...' Optimistic that the service will add hope to promoting peace among Arabs and Jews was Arnold Michlin of Waterford, who was the recipient of the World Sabbath’s first Peacemaker Award in 2000. 'This program makes me feel more confident about the situation in the Middle East,' he said. 'I stand by the people-to-people method of building bridges.'"