World Religions Thrive In Muncie Community

March 15, 2009

Author: Ivy Farguheson

Source: The Star Press

Every once in a while Khalid Sajjid’s Christian friends in Muncie ask him why he doesn’t drink alcohol at parties or why he prays five times a day.

But those questions don’t stop him from practicing his Muslim faith.

In fact, they strengthen it.

“I am happy with my faith because I’ve questioned it in every possible way and it’s made sense to me...,” he said. “Honestly, I’ve never wished that I could practice another faith.”

U.S. Census data does not measure religious preference in a specific geographic location, but it’s clear that Muncie provides a comfortable haven for those who practice a variety of religions outside Christianity.

Worship sites for various religions, including Judaism, Islam, Baha’i and Buddhism are scattered throughout the Christian-dominated city — and well attended.

Those who practice these other world religions have found Sajjid’s sentiment to be true. The questioning of their beliefs helps them analyze their own religious interests, creating a stronger commitment to their faith.

It also goes a long way to creating interfaith understanding for those looking to break stereotypes.

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