World Muslim Congress Condemns Demolition of Hindu Temple in Lahore

June 14, 2006

Source: The American Muslim

On June 14, 2006 The American Muslim ran as statement by the World Muslim Congress that read, "The World Muslim Congress condemns the demolition of Hindu Temple in Lahore and urges the Government of Pakistan to restore the temple. Muslims follow Islam, a monotheistic religion but not a monolithic religion. Muslims who have deeply imbibed the teaching of Islam condemn the act of demolition of the temple in Pakistan. We do appreciate that several opposition members of the National Assembly of Pakistan from the Pakistan Peoples Party, and Pakistan Muslim League reportedly objected and moved a motion against the demolition, saying such an act could have a bearing on Pakistan’s relations with neighboring countries. We urge the people and the Federal government of Pakistan to join us in not only in condemnation but in restoration... The second Caliph Umar set an example of respecting the sanctity of places of worship when he conquered Jerusalem... The old truism is a valuable lesson and a golden rule preached by all religions 'treat others as you wanted to be treated.'"