World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists is Launched

March 1, 2007


Oak Brook, IL- In the wake of recent natural and man-made calamities, there has surfaced the need for an intense and determined action to collectively address global humanitarian concerns. This calling motivated local humanitarians to institute a first-of-its-kind forum, the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists (WCMP). The WCMP annual conference will give Muslim philanthropists the opportunity to share ideas and cultivate collaborations which will eventually lead to improving the livelihood of the world’s underprivileged. The first assembly, under the theme of “Facing Challenges and Finding Solutions” will take place in Istanbul, Turkey from March 22nd to March 24th 2008.

WCMP puts strong emphasis on benevolence that is deeply rooted in the Muslim faith and heritage. We encourage Muslims to work together in reaching out to the needy around the world irrespective of their religious belief and race. This act of kindness can be lending a hand to a neighbor, volunteering in respective communities, or offering skills and talents to a project.

“Our aim is to create a forum where Muslim philanthropists from diverse backgrounds can interact, and subsequently, become a leading component of the international community of humanitarians," said Dr. Tariq Cheema, the founder of WCMP. “Through this effort we intend to empower people who have the will to make a difference by providing tools, networking opportunities and access to resources”, said Cheema expressing his vision about the WCMP.