At the World Buddhist Women's Convention, a Call for Women Leaders and Younger Members

September 3, 2006

Source: The Honolulu Advertiser

On September 3, 2006 The Honolulu Advertiser reported, "Today, thousands of Buddhist women from all over the world are finishing up a three-day World Buddhist Women's Convention in Hawai'i. Amid sessions on peace topics, Buddhist theology and how to make a kukui-nut wristlet, the undercurrent of discussions can't ignore the changing role of Buddhist women. Even so, as convention co-chairwoman and Honpa Hongwanji temple stalwart Donna Higashi notes, women ministers make up just a small percentage of attendees... Women's roles are changing, and this plays out in temples and ordination programs... And with a growing number of women ministers, does it translate as helping to build membership? Not so much. Even key figures in the temples, such as Higashi, say they were late coming to the table."

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