World’s Biggest Sikh Youth Gathering

December 30, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: The Star-Ledger

The sleepy hollow of Rembau in Negri Sembilan turned into a hive of activity recently when some 1,200 Sikh youths converged at SM Teknik Dato’ Lela Maharaja to participate in the 45th International Gurmat Parchaar samelan or annual Sikh youth camp.

The samelan, held over a week and organised by the National Sikh Youth Organisation (SNSM), has the reputation of being the biggest Sikh youth gathering in the world and participants came from as far as Europe and New Zealand.

The camp has been held continuously in schools all over the country since 1963, when the first was organised in Port Dickson with only 50 local youths participating.

SNSM president Malkith Singh said the objectives of the Rakan Muda-sanctioned samelan was to educate Sikh youths on the basic tenets of the religion as well as its traditions and culture.

We also teach them how to plan their career paths and the importance of networking. We hold motivational talks and inspirational sessions to make them realise their actual potential and the need to respect every individual regardless of their race or religion,” he said.