Work of Devotion for a Great Wesak

April 26, 2007

Source: The Star

Work is already underway to prepare for an exciting Wesak Day on May 1 and the Buddhist Culture and Arts Festival 2007 that takes place in June. LIM CHIA YING goes behind the scenes for an insight on how exhibits are created by groups of dedicated volunteers from the Nalanda Buddhist Society for the Wesak procession and for the display throughout the festival.

PAINSTAKINGLY carved from polystyrene, one can make out terraces, panels and stupas on the half-completed model that will represent the magnificent Borobudur temple in Indonesia.

There is no mistaking that the minuscule artwork is of the biggest Buddhist monument in the world. Only a structure like Borobudur can inspire an equally stunning model like the one being made.

However, there's no architect or engineer piecing together the model sculpture. The only craftsmen are teenagers from the Nalanda Dharma School.

Come June, the work will be shown to a few hundred thousand visitors, and Nalanda Buddhist Society advisor Tan Ho Soon believes the model is certainly ready for an international audience.