Women's Multifaith Center in Orlando Provides Opportunity for Active Engagement

February 12, 2006

Source: Orlando Sentinel


On February 12, 2006 the Orlando Sentinel reported, "When it comes to promoting religious understanding, the Rev. Diana Reed Jackson believes that verbal dialogue alone falls short. Participation in a religious ritual or spiritual discipline is a more holistic approach, says Jackson, co-founder and coordinator of the Women's Multi-Faith Center Orlando... The mission of the nonprofit organization, in existence since 1994, is to encourage religious understanding through participation in the rituals and spiritual disciplines within the diverse Central Florida community... Alternating monthly from September through April, the center either brings in a resource person who is a member of a particular tradition or has participants attend various expressions of rituals or spiritual disciplines in the community. During the past few years, participants have explored Theravada Buddhism, Muslims' Eid al-Fitr, Celtic spirituality, Baha'i celebrations, music and dance from within the Hindu tradition, Jewish mysticism, Wicca ritual and the Caribbean spiritualities of Santeria and Espiritismo... The center also has an annual retreat and an annual all-day gathering featuring a facilitator known for work in multifaith understanding."