Women's Exam Room in Delta Hospital Dedicated to Mother of Sikhism

August 9, 2006

Source: The Now


On August 9, 2006 The Now reported, "The women's examination room at the Delta Hospital has been dedicated to the Mother of Sikhism. Mata Gujri was the mother of Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th and the last living master of the Sikhs. Since he gave the Sikhs a distinct identity, Mata Gujri is revered by the entire community. Her husband, Tegh Bahadur, was the ninth Guru of the Sikhs. After her husband's martyrdom, she not only raised her son single-handedly but also led the community during crisis. An Indo-Canadian group called Trinjan Folk Academy, which raised $60,000 for the Delta Hospital, lobbied for the women's room to be dedicated to Mata Gujri. The president of the academy, Arminder Ghuman, said this is the first time in North American history that a hospital ward has been dedicated to such a towering female figure of Sikh history."