Women Of Faith Hope to Spread Ripples Of Peace

March 4, 2010

Author: Michelle Bearden

Source: Tampa Bay Online


What happens when you put Muslim, Christian and Jewish women in the same room to pray for peace?

"A lot of collective positive energy goes out into the universe," says Sister Anne Dougherty, a Franciscan nun who works at Academy Prep Center of Tampa.

"Sometimes it comes back, sometimes it doesn't. But I'm Irish and pig-headed and stubborn enough to believe in the power of prayer to create change."

On Monday, in celebration of International Women's Day, women in the Bay area will cross denominational lines and faith traditions to pray for an issue of common ground: world peace.

The first-time event takes place from noon to 1 p.m. at Hyde Park United Methodist Church, 500 W. Platt St., with an interfaith service, followed by lunch. It's sponsored by Women of Faith Building Community, a North Tampa interfaith group, and Bridge Builders, an interfaith fellowship.