Women of Different Faiths Unite to Fight Sex Slavery

March 20, 2007

Author: Peggy Curran

Source: The Gazette


"The express demand by Canadian men for so-called exotic women and young girls, particularly Asians and Russians, who work in massage parlours and escort agencies of the major Canadian cities, explains the organized importing, not only internationally but locally as well, of women and young girls into the Canadian sex industry," Lebrun said.

"In all countries where prostitution has been given the green light, trafficking in women has increased. The more you trivialize the buying of women, the more normal the merchandising of women becomes; the more the sex industry advertises in the newspaper classifieds, on the Internet or in the Yellow Pages, the more Canadian society in general, and men in particular, learn to think that paying for a woman to submit to their desires is normal, indeed even desirable."

By working together, Sakow hopes the Montreal coalition can push these issues up in the public agenda, much as community groups in Britain and Europe red-flagged sex tourism during last year's World Cup.

"Prostitution is not a career choice. It is slavery."