Women Delegates Represent FEZANA at UN Status of Women Conference

June 1, 2003

Source: Fezana Journal

On June 1, 2003 the Fezana Journal reported that "for two weeks (March 3-14) women from NGO's around the world, including FEZANA, converged at the UN to discuss issues ranging from violence against women in conflict and post-conflict areas, trafficking of women and girls to western countries, poverty reduction in developing countries through gender specific economics, AIDS and gender, facts and myths regarding the Information Age, and effects of mass media, the Internet, and pornography on women's lives. Proudly presenting FEZANA and all Zarathustis were Dolly Dastoor, Yasmin Ghadiali, Suzie Karani, Zareen Karani-Araoz, and Aysha Ghadiali." For more information go to www.un.org/womenwatch, www.un.org/millenniumgoals/index.html, and www.unifem.undp.org.