Wisconsin Interfaith Youth Forum Finds Hope in Troubled Times

November 21, 2003

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


On November 21, 2003 the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that a group of Milwaukee Muslim, Christian, and Jewish youths are "finding tolerance and friendship in a world troubled by hate and violence. On Sunday, the group will put its cooperative spirit to work delivering Thanksgiving holiday greetings to suburban senior citizens. Organizers of the Interfaith Youth Forum hope that is only the beginning. Soon, the teenage participants will reach out to Milwaukee-area residents practicing an even wider range of religions, in a growing movement aimed at breaking down barriers. Kathy Gale, executive director of the Interfaith Caregiving Network in Waukesha County, said the year-old project gives her hope for peace in such war-torn places as the Middle East. 'Think of everything going on in the world,' she said. 'But these kids can find a way to come together.'"

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