Wide Variety Of Religions Find Home In Rochester

April 21, 2010


Source: Democrat & Chronicle


Religious diversity is blooming in the Flower City.

Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and people of virtually every faith can find a place to worship in the Rochester region.

Catholics, who number more than 357,000, are the largest denominational group, followed by Mainline Protestan ts and Evangelical Protestants, according to the Association of Religion Data Archives in University Park, Pa.

But while Christians predominate, almost every major religion is represented in the local population.

Rochester is home to several Orthodox, Reform and Conservative Jewish congregations, including Temple B'rith Kodesh, the oldest Jewish temple in the area, which opened in 1848.

Mosques, Buddhist temples, Hindu temples, and Bahá'i centers also can be found here. 

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