Wiccan Prohibited from Exposing His Daughter to His Religion

August 1, 2001

Source: InPgh Weekly


On August 1, 2001, InPgh Weekly reported that Pennsylvania resident "Conon Brewer may be held in contempt of court this week for allowing [his daughter] to see...anything...that hints at his personal sense of spirituality. He stands accused of violating his 2000 divorce decree, which orders him not to expose his young daughter to books with 'spirits and ghosts' or to the teachings of his religion -- Wicca...It is a decree he never signed. He knows perfectly well it violates his First Amendment rights...[The judge's] prohibition against Wicca may just be a case, as lawyers say, of getting 'hometowned' -- being hit with a ruling reflecting the peculiar ethos of a single locale...[Conon] remains certain that his daughter deserves to understand him."