Wiccan “Temple of the Oak” Under Siege in MI

October 16, 2004

Source: The Flint Journal


On October 16, 2004 The Flint Journal reported, "neighbors of a quiet, rural neighborhood are demanding that township officials find a way to ground a coven of witches living in their midst. On Tuesday night, about 20 residents from Smith and Davis Lake roads urged the Township Board to shut down the 'devil worshippers.' Neighbors told the Township Board that there appeared to be a number of people living in the house, which has a sign out front advertising it as 'The Temple of the Oak.' The neighbors said a Web site for the temple hinted there was a pagan jewelry business being run from the property... Township officials said they would look into possible ordinance violations, and state Rep. John Stahl, R-Arcadia Twp., who was at Tuesday's meeting, promised to help the community get rid of the temple."