While Visiting Chicago, Former Iranian President Encourages Meaningful Interfaith Dialogue

September 3, 2006

Source: Chicago Sun-Times


On September 3, 2006 the Chicago Sun-Times reported, "Speaking in suburban Chicago on Saturday at the nation's largest Muslim convention, former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami called for Muslims and non-Muslims to re-examine their assumptions about each other as a prelude to better relations. Khatami, Iran's president from 1997 to 2005, said Muslims and non-Muslims in the Western world have come into conflict with each other largely over 'unrealistic images' of the other conveyed in the mainstream media... The remarks were part of Khatami's keynote address Saturday night at the Islamic Society of North America convention in Rosemont... Khatami is in Chicago as part of his tour of the United States. He will also meet with the United Nations General Assembly in New York and speak at an interfaith meeting in Washington, D.C. He will become the most senior Iranian official to visit Washington since 1979."