When Unity is the Focus, Faith-Based Differences Fade

January 12, 2007

Author: Eleanor Wason

Source: Los Angeles Times

Wire Service: Reuters


LONDON — Tahiya, a student at an Islamic school converted from a Victorian grammar school, is discussing a photograph she took of a friend with her head covered by a hijab and a scarf pulled up to her eyes.

"I didn't really think of a meaning behind it, although when I look at it now it looks like there are several," she told Reuters, giggling.

"My photo makes me think 'terrorist' because of all the influences of the outside world, but that wasn't my intention. My friend wrapped the scarf around her face because she was cold."

Tahiya is one of a group of London teenagers from five religions taking part in a government-funded photography workshop aimed at improving community links in one of the world's most multicultural cities.