In West Warwick, Islamic School Goes to Church

April 8, 2010

Author: Tatiana Pina

Source: The Providence Journal

By all accounts, Rose Achabi is a shy person.

But as she sat through Easter service at the Full Life Christian Fellowship Church, she could no longer hold her tongue.

At the Islamic School of Rhode Island at 840 Providence St., where she is a teacher’s assistant, floodwaters had risen more than four feet, seeping into the pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade classrooms on the first floor, damaging students’ books, computers, desks, chairs and teachers’ lesson plans. Everything on that floor had to be thrown away.

When the service was over, she approached her pastor, Brian Regan, hesitating a little given it was Easter, but felt the church family she had known since she was a teenager would come through. She asked Regan if the Islamic School could use the church’s building, which had once served as a Catholic school that belonged to Our Lady of Good Counsel, for classes

“The pastor didn’t hesitate,” said Achabi, a Christian who is married to a Muslim and has three children attending the Islamic School. School members met with Regan Sunday night after he had Easter dinner. “I know they felt funny about meeting on Easter, but they were really worried about finding a place to have their school,” Regan said.