WCC Holds Interfaith Event to Address Pluralism, Fundamentalism and Religious Tolerance

November 15, 2005

Source: The Christian Post


On November 15, 2005 The Christian Post reported, "People from various faith traditions, ages, and backgrounds came together in Geneva last weekend to seek ways of 'living together' amid an emerging multi-cultural and multi-religious reality... The interreligious event, sponsored by the World Council of Churches and themed 'My Neighbor’s Faith and Mine: Religious Identity – for Better or for Worse,' addressed issues on religious fundamentalism and violence through panel discussions, forums, colloquiums, cultural exhibitions and worship celebrations. Speakers acknowledged that religious identity can serve as the fuel for global conflict, impacting both individuals and the larger society... Highlights of the three-day event included an international colloquium under the heading 'An end to tolerance?', and a youth forum which allowed over 100 young people from 19 countries to dialogue on experiences of belief, identity and plurality.'"