Ways of Wiccans: Members Try to Dispel Myths About Religion

October 30, 2008

Author: Courtney Potts

Source: The Norwich Bulletin


When members of the Coven of the Crow in Herkimer, N.Y., gathered to celebrate the autumn ritual of Mabon, there were no dark robes, no drunken revelries and no animal sacrifices. But there were Oreos. And homemade soup.

Wicca has been a recognized religion for more than two decades and by some estimates is among the fastest growing religions in America.

Wiccans around the world are preparing to celebrate their most sacred holiday of Samhain tonight, a time when they believe a veil between worlds is lifted.

Yet, despite their anticipation, many followers say they and their beliefs remain largely misunderstood.

Members of the Crows and other Wiccans associated with them agreed to speak with the Observer-Dispatch recently in hopes of dispelling the idea that Wiccans are “Satan worshippers” or “kooks,” they said.

“There needs to be an educating of people, because Hollywood has really done us a disservice,” said High Priestess Janina Giordano, who regularly hosts rituals and get-togethers for the 13 members.

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