In Washington, Thousands Join in Pro-Choice March

April 25, 2004

Source: Woman's e-News

On April 25, 2004 Woman's e-News reported, "An unprecedented number of pro-choice activists protesting the government's persistent effort to chip away at women's health and reproductive rights gave New York Senator Hillary Clinton a rousing welcome earlier today on the national mall. Saying that the last national reproductive rights march in 1992 had ushered in the election of a pro-choice president, Clinton called for all assembled to register and vote in the fall election; a major message of the event. "To support individual freedom and oppose the threats to individual rights, abortion is a question of conscience," she said. Participants carrying signs and banners representing thousands of civic, religious and government groups are in what is being billed as one of the largest marches on Washington in the nation's history... Interfaith leaders were the first to speak, testifying to religious beliefs that allowed women to make their own private decisions about pregnancy. The podium also offered the crowd a look at leaders of the women's movement."

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