Washington Sikhs Celebrated First Anniversary of New Gurdwara

October 30, 2006

Author: SSNews, Guru Gobind Singh Foundation

Source: Sikh Global News


Hundreds of Sikhs thronged the white brick building of one year old of Gurdwara Sahib of Guru Gobind Singh Foundation to celebrate the first anniversary. The red and white blooming flowers at the entrance of the gurdwara were welcoming everyone and it reflected the mood of the day. Over 125 kids of all ages dressed in Khalsa outfits were lined in a procession and they were led by Panj Pyaras (five beloved ones). Zorawar Singh and Gurpreet Singh were playing Dholki and chhainai and they accompanied the ladies singing the shabads consecrating the moment. Over 200 people following the procession with devotion and the bright autumn morning together created a memorable atmosphere.

Sikh Youth of GGSF were also displaying the Gatka, the Sikh martial art, in front of the procession. The procession paused at the steps of the Gurdwara and Bhai Gurdarshan Singh recited the Ardas (Sikh prayer) to begin the program.

Simeon Kriesberg, President of the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington and a member of the Jewish faith, brought greetings from all of the major faith communities in the Washington area. He rendered a non-denominational prayer seeking blessings for the Gurdwara and the Sikh community. Representing an organization of 10 world religions, his words of prayer were powerful and inspirational.