Washington Muslim Leader Brings Together Interfaith Group

May 22, 2003

Source: King County Journal


On May 22, 2003 the King County Journal reported that "against a background of war and terrorism, Jawad Khaki stepped into the spotlight... Already a leader in an Eastside [WA] Shi'ite Muslim community, Khaki felt the need to educate people of other faiths about the peaceful side of Islam... As part of his outreach, Khaki brought his community, the Ithnasheri Muslim Association of the Northwest or IMAN, together with four other congregations -- Temple B'Nai Torah, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, St. Joseph's Catholic Church and Bellevue Christian Church -- under the banner 'Together We Build a World Community' to build homes for Habitat For Humanity at the former Coast Guard site at Patterson Park in Redmond."