Washington Gurdwara to be Inaugurated

September 26, 2005

Source: Guru Gobind Singh Foundation


On September 26, 2005 a Guru Gobind Singh Foundation Press Release issued an open invitation to the dedication ceremony of their new building in Rockville, Maryland. "With the Grace of Akal Purakh, blessings of the Guru and co-operation of Sangat, the magnificent building of Guru Gobind Singh Foundation located in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. has been completed. The white brick structure is very attractive and very welcoming... At the inauguration, five most respected Sikh personalities... will perform Ardas at the footsteps of the building. In addition, leaders of various religions will give their blessings. The program will include Kirtan [singing] by esteemed Bhai Jaspal Singh ji. American political dignitaries and distinguished Sikh leaders across the nation will address the Sangat."