War on Guns Pitched to City's Clerics

May 23, 2008


Source: Toronto Sun


Mayor David Miller reached out to the city's faith leaders yesterday, urging them to join in his call for a national handgun ban.

"I'm asking you to help us, to reach out to the members of your mosque, or your synagogue, or your temple or your church and ask them to get involved," Miller told more than 200 religious leaders at the Toronto Area Interfaith Council's breakfast.

"In some neighbourhoods, young people tell me they have to carry a gun to feel safe. That's not the Toronto any of us in this room want."

Miller launched a petition last month, calling on the federal government to ban handguns.

The online petition, available at toronto.ca, drew more than 40,000 signatures in its first two weeks and won near-unanimous support from city council, although one critic has dubbed it "political junk food."