Voter Registration Deadlines Near

September 12, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Muslim Public Affairs Council

With voter registration deadlines approaching, it is our civic duty as Muslim Americans to ensure that all eligible members of our families will be able to vote in the general election on Tuesday, November 4.

Registering is now easier than ever before. With the National Mail Voter Registration Form, the registration process has been made easy. Simply print and complete the form, and mail it to your state election office. If you plan on being out of town on Election Day, you may request an absentee ballot in advance from your state board of elections.

With less than sixty days left before the general election, crucial economic, domestic, and foreign policy issues are at stake. On the home front, the incoming administration will make important decisions on providing affordable healthcare coverage to all Americans and set the agenda on issues such as national security and civil rights. The new president will nominate, and the Senate will confirm, judges who will make decisions that will impact the lives of Americans in profound ways. On the international stage, the president and Congress will assess the amount of foreign aid to impoverished areas of the world and shape America's relations with Muslim regions such as Pakistan and Afghanistan.

With the stakes so high, it is imperative that every eligible member of the Muslim American community registers now to vote and cast their ballot on Tuesday, November 4.