Vatican Official to Discuss Issue of Proselytizing With Orthdox Church Leaders

February 17, 2004


On February 17, 2004 posted an Associated Press article that reported, "A top Vatican official arrived in Moscow on Tuesday for sensitive talks with the Russian Orthodox hierarchy, which accuses the Catholic Church of aggressive proselytizing in traditionally Orthodox lands...On Tuesday, the Moscow Patriarchate posted on its web site what it said were responses from 14 Orthodox churches in th Ukraine to the Vatican plans. All were negative, with some saying the shift was an attack on Orthodoxy that would damage relations between the two churches. Kasper said he did not want to start his visit with debates, and said, in a world torn by conflict, two churches that share such similar values should get along better. 'We don't want polemics. We want friendship between the two churches,' he told reporters after his arrival. 'I've come here to turn the old page and open a new page of friendship and love in the history of the two churches.'"