Vandals Scrawl Swastikas on Paris Mosque

February 21, 2005

Source: The Kansas City Star

Wire Service: AP

On February 21, 2005 the Associated Press reported, "Vandals scrawled swastikas and other Nazi references on the walls of the Grand Mosque of Paris, the best-known Muslim religious site in France, religious leaders said Monday.

The vandalism by unknown assailants, discovered Monday, comes as officials have stepped up security around Jewish and Muslim sites in France amid an increase in such attacks in recent years...

The vandals, writing in what appeared to be ink from a black marker, scrawled about a dozen swastikas, other Nazi references and 'Get Out' on the white walls around the imposing, decades-old mosque in southeastern Paris.

Mosque officials filed a complaint with local police, who were investigating the incident.

Also Monday, police in a northeastern Paris suburb were investigating a suspected arson attempt at a memorial honoring Jewish deportees from France during World War II."