Vandals Remove Ramadan Greeting

November 19, 2002

Source: The Chicago Tribune

On November 19, 2002 The Chicago Tribune reported that "when Erin Rose-al-Ashqar drove up to her Palos Hills [IL] home and found the family's twinkling green Ramadan sign smashed, she asked her husband Ibrahim to nail a new holiday greeting to the fence. That sign was gone the next day. This past weekend, the family fought back, installing yet another sign, vowing to put up as many as it takes. 'If you give up, it means they win,' said Ibrahim al-Ashqar, a Saudi-born Palestinian. Village police, who were called when the first sign was damaged, attributed the vandalism to rowdy neighborhood teens. Area residents say youths often speed down the street and throw out beer bottles. But the al-Ashqars consider the incidents hate crimes."