Valley Sikh Community Commemorates 9/11

September 20, 2006


On September 20, 2006 reported, "For the 5th anniversary celebrations of 9-11, the honorable Governor Janet Napolitano's office contacted several representatives of different faiths including members of the Sikh community. They were encouraged to take part in various activities planned for this day at [the] Arizona 9/11 memorial that had just been completed at Wesley Bolin Plaza.

The main component of this memorial is a circular shaped uniquely designed steel plate that starts at a lower level at one end and traverses in a circular pattern achieving some elevation along the way. Cut in it are the names of people killed on 9/11 and few others including name of Balbir Singh Sodhi... Valarie Kaur, a third generation young Sikh girl born and raised in central California was a graduate student at Stanford University at time of 9-11. She was so much moved by the killing of S. Balbir Singh Sodhi that she... decided to make a movie to bring their stories to the forefront... She was able to arrange a world premier of her movie titled 'Divided We Fall, Americans in the Aftermath.' The event was held in Phoenix on September 14 at the Carpenter hall at 7 pm where almost close to 400 people showed up."