Utah Panel Examines Diversity in a Homogenous Society

February 25, 2004

Source: The Deseret Morning News


On February 25, 2004 The Deseret Morning News reported, "On Tuesday night, local religious leaders came together at Utah Valley State College for a roundtable discussion, entitled 'Religious diversity in a homogenous culture.' The homogeneity, of course, is the result of a local community that is largely LDS. In Utah County alone 90 percent of the population is LDS. There is still diversity within county lines, however, as evidenced by roundtable participants who represented several faiths. 'As far as the Muslim community is concerned, we are very happy in Utah because we share many common beliefs,' said Mohammed Shoaibuddin of the Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake City... Other roundtable participants also praised Latter-day Saint values, but expressed a certain discomfort with some 'holier-than-thou' attitudes and what they perceived as missionary efforts masquerading as friendships. 'If we can put honesty and civility together, I think we are going to have true integrity,' said Greg Johnson of Standing Together."